Zonal Chapters

The Society also organizes regular symposia to discuss plant pathological problems of Zonal importance as well as organizes workshops, lectures, etc., throughout the country through its Zonal Chapters by eminent plant pathologists from within the country and abroad.

The latest advances approaches in the field of plant pathology are presented and attendees have the opportunity to participate in symposia and discussion sessions, view hundreds of technical posters, present research results, attend special events, learn about new products and services, and connect with others who share their interests. Zonal Symposium gives members the opportunity to meet with colleagues to exchange ideas, and share information.

Special Symposia and lecture to discuss important plant pathological problems of national interest are organized. Some topics of special significance to the discipline are also taken up for the panel discussions.

Present Zonal Symposium (2018-19) Past Zonal Symposium (2002-17)

The society is having eight zones and each one having its Zonal President and Councillor elected/nominated every year. The details of zonal chapters are as follows:

Zone States Zone Url
Delhi Zone Delhi http://www.delhi.url.com
Northern Zone Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab http://www.delhi.url.com
Mid-Eastern Zone Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand http://www.delhi.url.com
Eastern Zone Andaman and Nicobar Island, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal http://www.delhi.url.com
Central Zone Andhra Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana http://www.delhi.url.com
Western Zone Gujarat and Maharashtra http://www.delhi.url.com
Southern Zone Goa, Karnataka, Kerela, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu http://www.delhi.url.com
North-Eastern Zone Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizorum, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura http://www.delhi.url.com

Present Zonal Presidents/Councillors (2018) Past Zonal Presidents/Councillors (1948-2017)

Guidelines for Zonal Chapter Meeting


All the members of the Society can attend the Zonal Meeting and participate in the symposium. Non-members can also participate subject to their registration as Associate Member, for which they have to pay a sum of Rs. 200.00 as fee. Associate members are not eligible for getting the journal Indian Phytopathology as well as publications for their research papers in the journal.

  • Admission fee (For new members only): Rs. 100.00 (Rs. One Hundred only)
  • Annual Membership: Rs. 1500.00 (Rs. One Thousand Five Hundred only)
  • Annual Student Membership: Rs. 1000.00 (Rs. One Thousand only)
  • Life Membership fee: Rs. 12,000.00 (Rs. Twelve thousand only)

(Life Membership can be paid in maximum three installments within calendar year)

Membership fee collected will not be utilized by the Zonal Chapter. It will be deposited to Indian Phytopathological Society HQ at Delhi.

Details of the meeting (venue, dates, deadline for paper submission, symposium topic etc.) should reach HQ by the end of April, so that it can be included in the First Circular for National Meeting. All Zonal Meetings should be organized before the Annual Meeting of the Society.

Zonal President and Councillor are paid II class AC rail fare + Rs. 500/- DA (Subject to a total of Rs. 2500/-) for attending the Annual Meeting of the Society. This is also applicable for mid-term E.C. Meeting, if not claimed from any other sources.

Prof. M.J. Narasimhan Merit Academic Award

Zonal Chapter should organize a contest among the zonal members during their Zonal Chapter’s Meeting for preliminary selection of contestants. Only two names from each Zonal Chapter will be recommended by Zonal President for final contest to be held during Annual Meeting of the Society. The age limit for the contestant would be 35 years. Selected contestant will provide an abstract upto 200 words alongwith brief biodata to the Secretary, Indian Phytopathological Society through Zonal President. Abstracts of all the contestants participating in the Annual Meeting will be published in the journal. Society will award a medal to Award recipient and Commendation Certificate to other contestants. Society will publish the paper of awardee. The award recipient will submit full-length paper (as per IPS guidelines) for its publication in Indian Phytopathology. There is no restriction of the age of co-author, if any. The paper should be submitted on floppy alongwith a hard copy.

All the contestant/recipients should be the member of the Society during the year of presentation. Associate Members are not eligible for contest. The certificate for award will be given only to the person presenting the paper. The contestants will have to give the under mentioned certificate furnishing the age proof and bonafide work done by the contestant, not presented & published earlier.

To Whom It May Concern

      It is to certified that the paper entitled “” presented for Prof. M.J. Narasimhan Merit Academic Award contest for the year () pertain to the major work done by the candidate . It is further certified that the work has not been published and presented for any other award till date and contestant is below the age of 35 and member of the Society.

Signature of student                        Chairman/Advisor/ Guide of the student

Forwarded by Zonal President/Councillor

APS Travels Sponsorship for Ph.D. Students

APS Travel Sponsorship for Students has been instituted. The purpose of this award is to encourage plant pathology students pursuing a doctoral degree in India, who are members of IPS, to attend the APS Annual Meeting or other APS sanctioned meeting if deemed appropriate by the Indian Phytopathology Society and APS Foundation Board. The award has been established with contributions from Plant Pathologists of Indian Origin. Students will compete at the zonal competitions in India, and the awardee will be chosen from the top student presenters at these zonal competitions. The fund will reimburse the awardee for return airfare from India to the meeting venue, accommodation, and incidentals. The awardee is expected to bear the cost of meeting registration.

All the contestant/recipients should be the member of the Society during the year of presentation. Associate Members are not eligible for contest. The contestants will have to give a brief biodata, the certificate furnishing the age proof and proof of pursuing Ph.D. (First to Third year only) and one page a short paragraph, stating how participation in the APS meeting will lead toward achievement of their professional goals.

IPS Travel Sponsorship for Ph.D. Students

The Society provides travel sponsorship to 4 Ph.D. students to promote their participation in Annual Meeting and National Symposium of the Society in India, as per terms and conditions given below:

  • i.   To and fro 3rd AC train fare with shortest route.
  • ii.  Waving off the registration fee
  • iii. Award of certificate for presenting their research findings.
  • iv.  He/she should be below 30 years of age.
  • v.   He/she should be a member of IPS prior to the submission of application.

A Screening Committee will screen the applications to select the suitable candidates based on their research work.

Publication of Abstracts

The abstracts of the papers actually presented and approved by the Zonal Chapter President will be published in the Indian Phytopathology online. An Evaluation Committee of Zonal Chapter can assist the Zonal President in recommending the good quality abstracts of high standard. The Zonal President/Councillor should then edit the selected abstracts as per IPS format. Please also keep the following points in mind while recommending the abstracts for publications.

  • a. Not more than two abstracts of an author/scientist should be submitted for printing.
  • b. No author should have more than one senior authorship and an abstract should not have more than four authors.
  • c. The abstract should be as per the approved format not exceeding 250 words excluding title, affiliation etc.
  • d. All the approved abstracts of the Zonal Meeting should be submitted by the Zonal President/Councillor to the Secretary, Indian Phytopathological Society on a CD alongwith a hard copy.
  • f. Brief abstract of the Zonal Presidential Address will be published in the journal free of cost. It should be on CD and be handed over to Secretary, Indian Phytopathological Society during Annual Meeting.

Finance & Accounts

Each Zonal Chapter should maintain an activity register, and open an account in the name of Indian Phytopathological Society ‘X’ Zone. ‘X’ will be replaced by the name of the Zonal Chapter as “Northern Zone”. This account should be operated jointly by the Zonal President and Councillor. The activity register and Bank Account will be routed at different locations of the zone. In some Zonal Chapters, this activity has already been started last year and therefore, the present Zonal President should contact the previous President of the Zone for the activity register and bank account. The Zonal President and Councillor shall have to generate their own funds for conducting their zonal Chapter Meeting. The Zonal Chapters are requested to raise funds, required to continue the timely publication of the journal and to meet editorial expenses. It was discussed and approved in the 63rd Annual General Body Meeting held on Dec.14, 2010 that “10% of registration fee of the zonal symposium should be deposited in the Society”. The assistance received will be duly acknowledged in the forth coming national symposium and audited account of the Society.

The audited statement of the Income and Expenditure account be submitted to IPS HQ by the end of the February. The balance of savings generated during their Zonal Meeting be return to the Society for the improvement of the activities of the Society.

Zonal Chapters Report

The Zonal President/Councillor will be invited to present the zonal report in Executive Council Meeting as well as in the Annual General Body Meeting of the Society.