National Symposium

The society organizes annual meeting and national symposium every year. The first regular Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on January 2, 1948 at Patna, in conjunction with the session of ‘Indian Science Congress’. Till now, 68 Annual General Meetings of the society are held. During the annual meeting, outgoing President of the society delivers ‘Presidential Address’ besides other lectures and activities of the society. Besides the annual general meetings, zonal meetings are also organized by different zones to discuss plant pathological problems of zonal importance as well as workshops, lectures, etc. During the annual and zonal meetings, lectures of eminent plant pathologists are organized. Other presentations are in the form of lead lectures, oral presentations and poster presentations. National Symposium and Zonal Meetings give opportunities to members to meet with the scientific fraternity and colleagues and exchange ideas and share scientific information.

# Year Date Venue Place Topic
1947 February 28, 1947 Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi -
1 1948 January 02, 1948 - Patna, Bihar -
2 1949 January 02, 1949 Botany Department, Allahabad University Allahabad, U.P. -
3 1950 January 03, 1950 With Indian Science Congress, Fergusson College Poona Maharashtra -